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The New Trend of Vaping

January 11, 2023

Disposable Vapes.. the most popular form of vaping  since The Juul. 

Have you ever heard of the phrase “same but different”? 

That’s exactly what I think of when I think of Disposables. If you’re unfamiliar with disposable vapes think of them as the polaroid of the vape industry. You know.. those single-use cameras that your grandmother would use to take countless pictures of you. The same camera that is designed to be disposed of when you’re done but would some how linger around for some time. 

Disposables are a small, pocket-size vaping device that is manufactured with simplicity in mind. Anyone can use a disposable vape.. and I mean ANY one (who’s of legal age of course). It’s that easy and convenient to use. Disposables are available in a wide variety of flavor options, so just pick a flavor that sounds good to you and then simply inhale from the disposable.  The device is designed with an estimated number of how many puffs you will expect to get from the disposable in it’s lifetime and when you reach the maximum amount of puffs, the device will die and you’ll dispose of it. 

When the device dies you need to dispose of it properly. Why is that important you ask? Like any vaping device, the disposable vapes require a power source. How else would it last long enough for you to use it to it’s fullest potential?  Because the battery is built-in, it means the disposable vape is combustible.. so don’t leave it in a hot atmosphere or you can risk overheating the device.  It is important that you DO NOT throw your vape away in the trash can. Lithium – ion batteries are harmful to the environment and could potentially leak harmful chemicals when not disposed of properly.  

We have a disposable recycle bin inside our store location so that our customers can put that responsibility on us. We collect the disposables until the bin is full and then take them to a local spot that disposes of the devices safely and correctly.   

Drop off your disposables to be recycled at our cLouD9 Durant location at 1026 W Main St. Durant, OK 74701

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